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We at the Chemexsol team love to listen our users wishes of and try to please them not only with the appearance of large functionality, but also with small improvements. As often happens, such small things help to save time and allow you to focus on the main thing - working with orders and goods.

So, for example, today we want to talk about the hint that appeared with suppliers when adding new price lists for their products. If the platform already has a previously created offer for a similar product with similar delivery conditions, the platform will tell you the minimum registered price for this product. This information helps new suppliers to better navigate on the market and set the optimal price in their offer.

If you want to propose an improvement for the platform, you can contact the Chemexsol team by any convenient type: write a message in your account or call the hotline. We are always happy to receive any feedback and focus on it during the development of the platform!
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