Deals without negotiations

The success of a company often depends on a willingness to make changes to established processes and rules. The current year has shown how important it is to be able to quickly adapt to new conditions. The ability to quickly make decisions and carry out transactions at the moment, without going into long rounds of negotiations, is increasingly becoming a significant advantage. Many companies are looking for ways to reduce their costs of organizing business processes, including purchasing and sales processes.

That is why our Chemexsol team offers its users online deal execution tools as an important competitive advantage.

We want to provide opportunity to stop wasting time on looking for solutions for all market participants. Suppliers need only to place relevant offers, and buyers need to enter parameters and conclude a deal. No additional clauses and agreements, only transparent rules, clear and uniform for all participants. We believe that uniform rules will soon become the new standard for dealing in chemical solutions for the refining and extractive industries.

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