tells its readers of new services on Chemexsol released an article, which described a new platform tool that is the request for fast prices:

The international platform Chemexsol for the Oil & Gas segment with the ability to select goods online and place an order for its production and delivery created a new tool for requesting fast prices. According to the developers, the features will guarantee feedback and an optimal offer from suppliers.

After collecting and analyzing the feedback from companies participating in the market, it was resolved to launch a price forecasting mechanism on the platform. The buyer places a request for a certain volume of goods, guaranteeing the purchase and chooses the most favorable price offer from the suppliers. The tool quickly collects offers, so the buyer always sees the current prices and volumes. The supplier quickly sells the product, and the system optimizes the most labor-intensive processes of both parties (inquiries to suppliers, feedback, collection and analysis of offers, price negotiations).

Formerly, the platform offered users features, which generate a forecast for the next purchases from buyers. Suppliers receive notices on the receipt of an order and draw up a procurement plan for the goods of interest. All of this helps the participants to update the price list, making the offer more profitable. This instrument helped to decrease prices by 7 % and, as a result, the volume of purchased products increased.

In case of the implementation of the transaction, the participants are assisted by another financing instrument with a partner bank. Users of the Chemexsol are able to perform unsecured financing of the supply of chemical raw materials and finished products with the use of receivable based financing. Moreover, the customer has the opportunity to defer payment and time to sell products. The participation of the bank guarantees the reliability of the transaction and ensures the trouble-free collection of documents.

At present, the participants from Russia and the CIS countries are represented and the first shipments in Europe and Asia are being tested on the Chemexsol platform. The interaction of all participants takes place in a single window. Current price lists are presented for buyers at the marketplace, according to which the availability and timely shipment of goods are guaranteed. The platform acts as a guarantee of payment for the supplier. It also provides additional services in the form of request for transportation (delivery of raw materials from the manufacturer to the place of use), creating tables of requested analog products (for the convenience of finding an alternative product using algorithms within the resource) and communication through messengers.


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