The Chemexsol Internet platform presented at the CIPRTech

Chemexsol, a platform for making transactions in the field of chemical solutions for the oil and gas industry, was presented at the CIPRTech conference (Russian Digital) held on June 23-25 in Nizhny Novgorod. Product Manager Yuri Yegorov and Leading Process Analyst Ainur Sabirov made the presentation "Chemexsol: A Platform for Chemical Solutions for the Oil and Gas and Extracting Industries" at the CIPRTech pitch session.

When our team heard of the holding a corporate startup pitch session as part of the CIPRTech, we decided to apply. The participants underwent a rigorous selection process. Since we applied for the presentation of a ready-made development and a product available on the market and we had strong sense of our purpose, the organizers arranged our participation and in a week, we received an invitation.
It was the first time for the Chemexsol platform, when we showed two years of experience: achievements, metrics, the list of best practices and a large list of users.
- Rustam Sattarov, Chemexsol Project Manager
The developers of the Chemexsol platform spoke with the representatives of the Tsifra company and discussed the implementation of new developments at the conference. The representatives of large companies such as PAO Gazprom Neft, MTS, Uralchem Innovations, Huawei R&D Russia, Venchure Capital also attended the pitch session and took an active part in discussing the speech of the platform creators and asked questions about project protection opportunities, investment attractiveness, calculation of project metrics, etc.

Our section was called "Corporate Startups". The key task of our participation was the presentation of the platform for partners and investors. The session made it clear that compared to other participants only we had strong sense of our purpose, as our performance was the only one that complied with all the rules and regulations of the pitch session. This conference brought together those who are ready to carry out collaborations and are not afraid of using new products. For example, at the end of the day, the representatives of PAO Gazprom Neft made a request for our presentation. In general, we are satisfied with our performance, as we got a good experience and received a feedback from the participants.
- Yuri Yegorov, Product Manager of the Chemexsol project.
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